• 9.2.11 During prayer. Mom was having  little Claudia, repeat after her a prayer:

Mom: „Lord thank you that you are listening to us”.

Claudia: „What, He listen to us????????? We have to listen to HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • 8.30.11 MOM: Did you understand what the teacher explained Claudia ? ( first day of school 1st grade.)                                                                                                               Claudia: Yes! … But what did she say?
  • Little Claudia during prayer: “Lord help daddy to make money, and help us to waste them wisely.”
  • Little Cris” Are you sure this is muscles and not meat?”, as he was looking at my anatomy pictures.
  • Little Cris ” Does anyone understands what I am reading cause I don’t.” (as he was reading the bible for the night’s prayer)
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