How lovely and kind my God is

How lovely and kind my God is,

He saves me from my distress and disease.

When I cry to Him, I know that He hears,

When my soul trembles I know that He cares.

His Love and kindness I will never forget,

Making Him my God I will never regret!

His love and forgiveness I will never deserve,

Because I am in Love with Him, I will gladly serve.

I love you my Lord, You are my King.

I give you my love, My everything.


Your Love for me gives me peace beyond understanding,

When I am with you, I am me, no need for pretending.

You know my actions, my thoughts, my desires.

And You love me for me, not for my disguises.


I love you Lord Jesus, and I can’t wait to see,

All that You are doing, and accomplishing in me.

The me that I see, is not nearly what I am.

The final me, is the person you design in your plan.


You work every day to mold me to be,

The one you desired and imagined I’ll be.

I want your plans, Jesus, for me to succeed,

And my plans for me I want to receive.



I love you, I trust you, I give You my hand,

You guide me, You teach me, I’ll trust your command.

And when I will fall, please help me to stand,

Asking forgiveness in You to find rest.



Marinela Buzas

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