I am who I am because, You are who You are

I am who I am, because You are, who You are.
I am what I’ve never dreamed, because of Your dreams for me.
When you became human and died for my sin,
You made peace with me, and I became God’s son.

And nothing can separate us at all,
Just my stubbornness, to be in control!
There is no human, demon or sin,
That can came in between.

I am where I need to be,
I do what I need to do,
I love You and people,
I am living the life….

Your life in mine.

All my fears disappear, knowing who I am in You,
The pupil of your eye, your bride, your child, just to name a few.

Surprised I would not be,
When a disaster strikes me.
When about me You are bragging,
Satan comes in, stabbing.

As a living sacrifice I lay myself down,
At Your feet I lay my will, and my crown.
Your Will is pleasing, perfect and good.
In a worship act I stay still, as I should.

On You I am totally dependent.
I trust you, I do not listen to the serpent!
I trust You are with me in my pain,
Helping me in your Will to remain.

Dust, dirt, and ugliness come out,
Gold’s purifying route.
Cleansed and transformed in Your image,
The trial is reinforcing our bondage.

I’m crossing the pain holding Your hand tight!
You’re caring me in Your arms through the night.
The night and the pain soon will come to an end,
With glorious joy in Your presence I’ll stand.

Marinela Buzas

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