The Call

The Father is calling me from my play,

The sun, toys, and friends to leave and obey?

I’m hungry and tired but I say:

“No! I want to play

Even if You try to take my sun away!

This is no fair!

My Dad doesn’t care!”


I stand my ground, but the gloom of the day,

Hunger and tiredness stay in my way.


At home the smell of the food

Improves my mood.

In the end it wasn’t that bad.

The bath, the food, the story

The teddy bear and the pillow take all my worries.


Many years later, He calls me again

As He comes closer, the sun fades away.

But I like it here, and I want to stay.


To stay when He calls me to go; it’s not easy.

The toys lose their colors, the games loose their meaning.


His wisdom to question again, I won’t do!

I’ve learn that He knows me, more than I do.


As I follow the Father, the sun goes with Him,

He opens my mind and my soul to my dream.


A dream that’s more real than all of the games.

A dream that fulfills me and gives me a sense.


Father, I’m certain that following You,

Is what I’m meant to be, and to do.

Marinela Buzas

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