Don’t suffer in vain

Don’t suffer in vain!

We each have our share of pain,

Let’s not suffer in vain!


You’ve been in the valley yesterday,

I am walking in it today.


You see like an eagle from the top of the hill.

My vision is blurry with the tears my eyes filed.

The wisdom from God with me now you share,

And help me get out of this awkward snare.

Tell me again and again

The things I need to hear, the things that I know…

This pain will unite us for years to come,

More than any kind of fun.

Do not kill my pain with Prozac,

Don’t get me to sleep with Zoloft.

I need to feel the pain!

I do not want to suffer in vain!

Hold on to me tight,

‘Till the end of the night.

When the Morning will come

With the most blessed Sun,

Then, we’ll walk hand in hand againn

And we’ll say: “We haven’t wasted any pain!”

By: Marinela Buzas

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