În frumoasa dimineață

ÎN FRUMOASA DIMINEAȚĂ -Partitura, Traducere M. Cintean


                                            “WHAT A GREETING”

Text: Haldor Lillenas                                                      Muzica: Haldor Lillenas

On the great eternal morning, when we’ll hear the trumpet blast,
When eternal day is dawning and the night of sin is past;
When we see the Savior coming in His glorious array,
Hallelujah! what a greeting there will be that day!


What a greeting, what a meeting,
When our Savior we shall see by and by!
What a greeting, what a meeting,
When the blessèd Savior comes in the sky!

When the sun of righteousness shall rise above the eastern hills,
When its golden rays in splendor glitter o’er the rocks and rills,
On that resurrection morning when the dead in Christ shall rise,
We will shout to meet each other yonder in the skies.


There will be no sin or evil, and the tempter will be bound;
In the place of grief and sorrow shouts of glory will resound;
We shall reign with Christ a thousand years, His face we then shall see;
Hallelujah! what a time of glory that will be!

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