Would I ever be able to control my lips?

Would I ever be able to control my lips?
When I am upset can I abstain not to speak?
I don’t know, but I wish that I could’ve,
My life is full of “What if I would’ve?”

What if I would’ve stood against the flow,
That pushes me to say things I should’ve let go?
Is my place to judge, to bring one down?
If I cannot build, can I just not tear down?

Can I say: “I will talk on this tomorrow.”?
When my heart is not so full of sorrow
Can I pause, analyze, think, bite my tongue?
Can I just admit that I did something wrong?

I am hurting the ones that I love the most!
Is it there anything I could do worst?
I do not want to end up ugly, hated, and alone,
I do not want to have a heart of stone.

Lord please change me to be,
Loving and Kind like your Majesty.
To praise, build and lift up,
If it’s not helping me, to just shut up.

Marinela Buzas

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