I feel tired and I want to rest
The time is passing by fast
I worked hard I need the respect
Let me watch TV and reflect.

My kids, they will be here tomorrow
Let me enjoy myself don’t bring me sorrow
I won’t lose my wife today
So the game is here to stay.

Vacations we can take all life long
But to buy this new car I won’t prolong
The kids sure will understand
When I purchase the new TV plan.

God is important, family too
But they can wait! And they do, they do
I promise myself I’ll take time to pray
To read the Bible and God’s Word I’ll obey.

Life is passing by fast
The kids are out of the nest
The doctor calls me to say
That more tests are coming my way.

To all things that I paid my tribute
Kept me from bringing in life real fruit.
By wasting my time on the altar of fame
I wasted my very life in vain.

Running after the things of this world
Left me empty and without worth.

The most important treasures to me
Are the ones I will spend with eternity
Money… I have, but time can not buy
A lesson to teach and say my good by.

To skip your breakfast is not good advice.
Not reading the Bible is not wise.
24 hr a day, important and urgent
Will demand to give an answer, instant.

Every minute spend with God and family
Is an investment into eternity.

We all have 24 hr in a day…..
Until that last second which could be on its way

Marinela (Mary) Buzas


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