President Trump addressed attendees of The Young Black Leaders Summit

Friday, Oct. 4, 2019

After President Trump spoke to the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House, a young woman asked to pray for the president. This young woman was Mahalet, an Ethiopian immigrant adopted by a Christian family in Indiana. Her short message before she prays was empowering, sincere and challenging. She brings attention to the spiritual warfare in America and to the fact that Satan hates humanity, and wants to destroy our country and anything pure, godly and good. She doesn’t worship any human being but worships God asking for His protection. She is aware of the Spiritual battle that is given, and that battle is not between different political parties, but the battle is between Satan and the children of God.

Mahalet’s words:

“I’m not really good with prayers or anything like that but I just want to say thank you, Mr. President,” she said, “and I know we have a political warfare right now, but I strongly believe that it is a spiritual one as well. And I want to make sure that, I mean, I know that Americans are gonna wake up and we’re gonna get back to looking to God instead of social media and we’re gonna look back to Jesus because Jesus saves and this country was founded upon the Constitution, was built on godly principles and we’re gonne fight for that,” she added. “And I just want to encourage you guys to pray every day for this nation.” Then she began her prayer, saying “I love God and I want to pray real quick.”

“Dear God, I’m not really good at this,” Mahalet said, laughing. “But I just want to say thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to be in the White House. Thank you for giving us a great leader like Trump, Mr. Donald Trump, and I would like to thank you for waking up our nation. God, I believe that you gave him to us and I believe that he’s going to accomplish so much more. I know you have more for us…Jesus I ask you to protect us and walk with us and in Jesus’ name.”

You can listen to the prayer with the commentaries  here:

Or you can listen just Ethiopian Immigrant’s prayer here:


This summer in our church, part of the VBS activity, was to send to the White house letters with prayers, encouragement statements, Bible verses to the White House. The parents of the children were encouraged to do the same. One of the greatest joys, reading those letters was when I read a parent’s card saying “In our family we pray for you every day Mr. President.” If we truly believe the battle is spiritual, we should fight in prayer and we should excel in good deeds so people around us would be attracted to Christ.

If you are a Christian please unite in daily prayer for our country, for our resident and all people in authority. Pray for the police department, pray for the judges, pray for the teachers, pray for God’s protection and grace so we, our kids and the next generations to come, to have the freedom to worship God freely in this country.

Yes I am an immigrant, but I love this country and I want God’s blessing to remain over us, and for us to continue to be a blessing for many nations.


I don’t know if you know but this woman was not on the schedule to pray or say anything. Actually she yelled: “Let me pray for you,”. This stopped the president in his tracks. He could have ignored her. What a great courage. I like to believe that she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do so. I have many experiences in my life, when the Holy Spirit impressed so profoundly on me to pray for a person. One time I listened and prayed, I won a sister, in Christ. You are just a tool in God’s hands. He wants to use you. Would you listen to the Holy Spirit and obey his guidance. Would you ask politely to pray for a person, next to you, that needs God, no matter if is the president or the garbage man.


  1. We are on facebook, Instagram…. posting what we ate, what we purchased, our wonderful vacations and that is all good. But we should also post prayers, Bible verses, encouraging experience in your life that could motivate others. People look for leaders to follow. You are a leader in your house, in your community. You have the power to inspire others to walk with God, by showing your example. You don’t know who needs your message. Inspire, bless and be an active Christian, always looking for opportunity to witness about your faith in God.

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